All of our websites are stored on super fast SSD servers to provide your users with fast loading webpages that will keep them from leaving in frustration from slow load times.

We help secure the right domain name for your business needs and direct it towards our hosting services, which is just one less thing for you to worry about. We offer various packages that come with two, four or six personalised brand specific email addresses. This means you can easily scale your requirements alongside the size and demands of your business needs. Our emails are hosted securely with us, to provide maximum confidence in the safety of your messages.

Website Security (SSL)

Website security is important, for both you and your customers safety and security online

Following industry security standards means that Google and other search engines give higher ranking and viability to compliment websites.


All of our websites are released with 2048-bit SSL website security alongside 128/256-bit encryption for additional security.

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